South Africa’s 1st CAA approved legal Tethered drone operations

South Africa’s 1st CAA approved legal Tethered drone operations

Purple Turtle Aviation Port Elizabeth, South Africa’s 1st CAA legal home-grown drone operator is also South Africa’s 1st CAA approved tethered drone operator.
This is significant as it allows Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and drone services, to fly drones without the need to land every 15 or 20 minutes to change batteries with CAA’s approval.


Drone flights in the hours are possible now opening up unique drone-based applications no longer limited by flight time.


We are now able to offer the Drone Tethered flight system on our CAA Approved TRUE live broadcast drone, offering the extended flight times of the tether coupled with True live broadcast drone.


The Purple Turtle Aviation, South Africa, True Live broadcast drone offers
•    Camera RCP control
•    Vislink HD video link
•    SMTPE link to OB truck
•    20 years broadcast experience in production and engineering
•    11 years Real world aviation experience.


The Live broadcast drone is ideal for all outside broadcast, sports, reality TV productions where broadcast quality and work flow is needed. Quality without compromise.


Contact us today and let us know how we can help you take your production to new heights.