Challenges with Drones for Live Broadcast OB Television

Drones are changing the way we do everything. Live Broadcast TV and Outside Broadcast are no different. Drones are able to give never before seen shots without the crazy high costs of helicopter hire.


BUT majority of drones are designed for hobbyists and not broadcasters and the demanding needs for quality and stability now limits the full integration and use into regular outside broadcast workflows.


Some of the major challenges with consumer and even prosumer drones being used in the Live Video, Broadcast environment is as follows:


 1.       Quality of video link


The HD video links from domestic drones are designed to give then pilot a view of what’s being done while recording high quality video to removable media on the drone. Thus, the quality and stability of the HD video link is well below that desired for broadcast and is used for reference purposes only.


2.       Wi-Fi Congestion


With more and more devices on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency band all consuming more and more bandwidth it creates bandwidth connection issues. This results in drop out, artefacts and loss of video links.


Since the drone video links are not designed to manage this well they become less dependable at big events where many people are gathered compared to licensed band frequencies.


 3.       Lack of ability to integrate into Outside OB workflows


Most drones including DJI etc were never designed to be used in the professional broadcast environment so lack the ability to fully integrate into the traditional outside broadcast workflows making their use less desirable as they lack the dependability


4.       Global Drone laws Governing the use of drones in general and in the Broadcast TV areas.


Regulatory challenges in legal safe commercial broadcast drone operations is one of the single biggest challenges. Use of a Live Broadcast Video drone is not as easy as just flying it as a lot of permissions and permits are required. This requires a lot of planning beforehand as well as Civil Aviation Permissions which means not just anyone can do it.


The uses for live broadcast drones and even DNG drones (Drone Newsgathering) are out there but are severely limited by the above.


Purple Turtle UAV drone services, South Africa has recently released their full live broadcast drone for Outside broadcast drone use as well as DNG (Drone Newsgathering)


Being Licensed by the South Africa Civil Aviation authority allows Purple Turtle Aviation, UAV Drone Services South Africa to offer a niche broadcast drone service customised for the demanding Live Outside Broadcast Environment.


Purple Turtle Aviation drones are not off the shelf and are custom built to outside Broadcast Needs.


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The Dawn of Drone News Gathering (DNG) in South Africa

Drones are exploding with unique eye in the sky and Point of View (POV) shots for multiple different applications. Drones have changed the way broadcast TV does things. No longer are expensive helicopters required to get breath-taking shots. The Broadcast Drone is here.

Television news and reporting on news stories opens the new options for broadcast drone uses, with Drone News Gathering (DNG) reporting taking viewers to the action not possible to see before.

Journalists can launch their broadcast news drone from where they are at and capture breaking news like never before.

But as with all new things this opens a can of worms on privacy and other laws. In many counties drone usage has been regulated to try protect privacy and safety.


South Africa is no different Civil Aviation South Africa ( was the 1st in the world to bring out the drone aviation laws, Part 101 which regulates how drones are used in South Africa.


The drone laws breaks drone use into 2 categories,
1- Home use, happy snappy selfies,
2- Commercial use.

Happy snapper drone users still have to follow the drone laws as to where they can fly.


All other uses are commercial and require CAA approval before flights can be done.
This process is not quick and can take over 2-3 years at best.


Purple Turtle Communications and SNG, having over 20 years’ experience in Broadcast TV and News services around the world is proud to announce that we are able to offer LEGAL News Drones in South Africa via Purple Turtle Aviation UAV Drone Services, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


The drones are designed for LIVE news coverage via drone and not just recorded, take your breaking news LIVE from a drone and show news events like they have never been seen before.
Our Broadcast TV and News drones offer different options from extended flight times to unlimited flight time solutions allowing unique tools for unique news coverage situations.


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