Live broadcasting from Drones for TV Outside Broadcast (OB)

With the explosion of drones to the global UAV and Drone services market new applications and uses have been exploding.

Everyone has been scrambling to see how they can best use drones in their new applications. Success varies based on drone technology providers experience in their given field.


Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services from Port Elizabeth, South Africa is making waves with their new Live broadcast drone designed and build around Outside Broadcast and OB truck usage meeting the demanding needs of Live TV broadcasting.

Purple Turtle Aviation is part of the Purple Turtle Group of Companies which has well over 20 years broadcast experience in Southern Africa and the Middle East.

Coupled with Purple Turtle Aviation’s 10+ years experience in aviation

This makes Purple Turtle Aviation UAV drone services unique positioned to offer cutting edge drone based broadcast solutions.


We are proud to announce our latest innovation in our Live broadcast Drone.

This allows for use of drones in live and outside broadcasts with full OB integration.


Key unique points of our drone based Broadcast Solution are as follows:

  • Professional grade Video Links used by broadcasters around the world
  • CCU and RCP control of camera on the drone from OB
  • 4K camera head
  • Zoom lens, lens selection
  • Lens focus for breathtaking shots making use of depth of field
  • Extended flight time solutions, to solutions with UNLIMITED flight times as well
  • Industry innovator leading in drone aviation technology meeting Broadcast


These are just some of the things that makes Purple Turtle Aviation, UAV and Drone Services stand out especially in the Live Broadcast drone environment.


For professional Outside broadcast drone solutions you need professional broadcasters who understand the Outside Broadcast Truck workflow as well as aviation.


Purple Turtle Aviation does not operate domestic off the shelf drones for broadcast. all drones are custom built by us for broadcast TV requirements.


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