Broadcast Your event LIVE from a UAV or Drone to the world. Change the view and Look of your Productions

Taking UAV and Drone use to new heights. Try the UAV and Drone Services powered by Purple Turtle Aviation’s new Unique Broadcast drones. These drones allow LIVE broadcasting of events from the sky online or via HD-SDI for OB use with RCP integration.

Unlimited flight times are the biggest selling point on our Live event Drones. Unlike smaller drones that need to change battery every 15 minutes UAV Drone Services South Africa can stay in the air for hours offering you a unique shooting platform with fully remote video head.

Save costs of not hiring a full scale helicopter for big events but still have the smooth stable “eye in the sky” shot

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LIVE broadcast Video Drone

Broadcast Live video from Drone to on air.

Out of the Box UAV Drone Solutions

Purple Turtle Aviation Customised UAV and Drone Services to your personal need.

Cost Effective Solutions

Prices that won’t break the bank, and won’t skimp on quality

LIVE Low Latency Cloud DVB over IP broadcasts from UAV Drones, Globally

See your drone video live with low delay anywhere in the world in HD+.

UAV and Drone Services where prices make sense, quality without compromise

Everyone has a “friend” who can do drone work for “free” or cheap, but truth is its Unsafe, risky and Illegal. This places you, your clients, business and property at risk. Illegal flights mean you are fully liable for all losses and liability as you broke the law hiring an Illegal Drone Operator. Don’t be mislead.

Like the $500 Bill of today, cheap drone flights have the same in common as a Unicorn, they don’t exist and are made up.

KEY Features of UAV Drone Services, Service

  • CAA Approved Legal Operations
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • 20+ Years Broadcast and Production Experience
  • Customised UAV Drone Solutions
  • Out of the Box thinking and mindset




20+ Years in Broadcast TV

Everyone is a “specialist” today it seems. Few have the years under the belt to back up the experience. Experience cant be bought its learned and learned the good old hard way.

Professional Broadcast video to professional standards that broadcasters have come to expect.


Legal UAV RPAS Operations

Go Legal, reduce your liability and risk compared to using illegal non CAA registered Drone Operators. Accountability brings quality and dependability.  Purple Turtle Aviation the driving power behind UAV and Drone Services South Africa was registered in 2007 and is here to stay.


Customization service

We recognize all clients are unique and have different needs so we work with clients to customize payloads and solutions for their UAV and drone services need in South Africa and abroad.

Make the smart UAV RPAS Drone Decision

If you want a service provider that works with you listening to your needs and requirements and making solutions to make those work then we are the ones for you.

20+ years of Broadcast Video experience plus over 11 years in Aviation places UAV Drone Services South Africa in the unique position to offer you quality broadcasting

and stable accountable aviation Drone services.